Baltimore Home Loan Credit Repair

Baltimore Credit Repair Today can assist you in your home loan search. Have you recently been rejected for a home loan? Your lender is required to send you a letter explaining why you were denied. Your denial letter can assist us in pinpointing exactly where you need to work on your credit. We can then get started on repairing your credit and preparing you for your home loan. Our customer service team is available today to discuss our home loan credit repair services.

    Home Loan Credit Repair

    Baltimore Credit Repair Today has spent years researching credit and credit reports. We understand the ins and outs of credit and how to repair it. Your credit is important to us. Our goal is to improve your credit and improve your life. Our home loan credit repair service will help you achieve your goals of owning a home. Our repair services will help you remove incorrect negatives on your credit report and then identify strategies that will boost your credit over the next few months.

    How your Credit Score is Calculated

    Your credit score is calculated through five different components. Your payment history is the most important factor in your credit score. If you’ve missed payments your credit score will lower. If your past due payments go to collections, you will notice another negative impact. The amount you owe is next. You need to have a good credit utilization ratio to keep your score high. The longer you’ve had credit the better. Your credit mix is also a good indication of your credit health. You need a healthy mix of revolving and installment credit to increase your score. If you’ve recently acquired new credit, you may notice a hit on your credit.

    Steps to Improve your Credit Score

    Our first step to improving your credit will be to analyze your credit reports and remove any incorrect reporting. We will ensure that your report is clean and only valid reporting remains. We will send dispute letters for each incorrect reporting. Once all your reporting is correct, we can start building your credit for the future. We can assist you with collections and late payments. We can assist you with your credit utilization ratio and lowering your current debt. Our analysts can advise you on accounts that should be closed and accounts that you should keep.

    Personal Credit Improvement

    The best way to improve your credit is to pay your pills on time. On time payments are the most important thing that will improve your credit score. It is essential to make on time payments and catch up on late payments if you want to improve your score. It’s also the easiest way to lower your score. Every month you are late on a payment will hurt your credit score. We can provide counseling and guidance that ensures you are able to pay your bills on time. If you are serious about credit repair, contact us today and we can get to work on a home loan credit repair plan today.