Baltimore Credit Score Booster

Baltimore Credit Reporting Today can provide solutions that will future proof your credit. Our credit score booster services will help you stay on track during your credit journey. We provide a variety of services that will assist you in building your credit. We can help you with late payments, collections, debt, amounts owed, credit utilization rate, credit history, new credit accounts and more. We will tailor our credit booster service to meet your specific credit needs and goals. We’d love to discuss our services with you. Give our customer service team a call today to discuss our credit score booster services.

    Credit Score Booster

    Our credit score booster service can provide you with an ongoing solution to your credit problems. We can provide you with a guideline for the future that will steadily increase your credit rating. Our team will work closely with you to ensure your needs are met. We have years of experience helping customers and would like an opportunity to assist you with your credit building needs. We will analyze your credit reports and build a credit boost tailored to your individual needs. We can assist you in a variety of ways during your credit building.

    Late Payments and Collections

    Late payments are the number one cause of a low credit score. The easiest way to improve your score is to fix all your late payments and collections. We can assist you with your late payments and collections. We can help you arrange payment for collections as well. Once late payments are caught up, we can attempt to remove them from your report. Baltimore Credit Repair today will mail dispute letters and remove any negative late payment and collection notices. Once corrected you will notice a boost to your credit.

    Utility Bills, Debt and Revolving Credit

    You can use your utility bills to increase your credit score. A new service called Experian Boost can link your utilities and cell phone bills to your credit report. Pay your utilities on time and this will show as a positive on your credit score. We can assist you with setting this service up. Our team can also help you develop a plan to pay off your debt and keep your credit card balances low. This will provide you a positive credit utilization and an increase to your credit score. Do you have open cards you no longer use? We can advise you on which ones to keep and which to close.

    Personal Advice for your Credit Score

    While we can help you build your credit, the result is still up to you. Here’s some advice that can make your goals easier to reach. Pay your bills on time. This is the number one problem for most people on the report. If you can continue to pay your bills on time you are on the right track. Be wary of credit card balance transfers and your credit card balances. Your credit utilization rate is a major factor when determining your score. Avoid applying for new credit cards. Any new credit could be detrimental to your goal of getting a mortgage or loan.